Buy a postcard for yourself, loved one or family member by making a $20 (USD) donation to help us pay school fees, provide shoes and a school uniform for a child in Uganda and receive a postcard from Uganda with a hand written thank you. You can also help us sponsor a specific child of your choice for an education.

post cards from uganda ebenezer welfare foundation
Ebenezer Welfare

As a young growing organization whose aim is to make a difference in needy children’s lives with education, buying a postcard to yourself, family and friends through making a $20 (USD) donation helps us support our child sponsorship project. You can also help sponsor a specific
child as we make a difference together in his or her life through education. Your postcard will be written and sent from Uganda with the Ugandan stamp.

You can sponsor a postcard to your family and friends as a surprise!

You can also sponsor a post card for children, a group of children or school children.5 sponsored postcards comes with a one free surprise card. All the proceeds goes to the child sponsorship project of the organization.

Uganda, known as the ‘’pearl of Africa’’, is known for its cool weather, nice vegetation and its beautiful nature.