Our Why

our why

Ebenezer Welfare Foundation is building a longstanding and successful history of educating and empowering children, and see vulnerable children pass through different levels of education till they become useful citizens in their communities. This will create an impact in a child’s life, in their families and communities they come from. Sponsors/ partners, supporters and specifically those who love and care for children, biological or not – are the key to unlocking the chains of poverty.
50% of children in Uganda are married off by the age of 18 (with 10% by age 15). Women also have an average birth rate of 5.59 children, compared to a global figure of 2.5. Uneducated and overwhelmed with responsibilities, women are faced with an enormous strain caring for their children. Those without a financially supportive husband or relative, struggle to clothe and feed their children – let alone send them to school. The cycle of poverty continues…unless we act:

Ebenezer welfare postcards from uganda