1. Our story

Ebenezer Welfare Foundation (EWF), was founded and formally registered as a community based non-profit in 2018. However, our story truly begins many years before with the remarkable story of the Founder Otim Alfred.

Having lost a father at the age of 4, who was the head of the family, life turned around from that moment and it wasn’t an easy journey for him to make it through school since his father had passed on. It was a serious life struggle to see him go through school with his uncle and mother. After graduating with a Bachelors of Business Administration in 2017, it was that journey that inspired him to begin thinking of other children passing through the same situation similar to the one he had gone through. Otim Alfred was the driving force that led to our organization’s development.

We proudly partner with individual partners who aid in supporting vulnerable and orphaned children with access to education and livelihood support. Together, we forged a bond that enabled us to care for the children who may have otherwise fallen between the cracks.


  • Children

Our dedicated sponsors have seen a few children from impoverished backgrounds supported from lower primary level and the mission is to see them go through secondary, vocational and/or their university education. In addition, we provide clothing, nutritious food, improved healthcare, counseling, life-skills development and more for these young people.


  • Our Family

We owe great thanks to our partners/ supporters, Ebenezer Welfare Foundation Board of Directors, our devoted sponsors, supporters, volunteers, dedicated staff members in Uganda – as well as our hardworking students and their determined guardians – for the impact we are making together in the world.


  • Our why

Ebenezer Welfare Foundation is building a longstanding and successful history of educating and empowering children, and see vulnerable children pass through different levels of education till they become useful citizens in their communities. This will create an impact in a child’s life, in their families and communities they come from. Sponsors/ partners, supporters and specifically those who love and care for children, biological or not – are the key to unlocking the chains of poverty.

50% of children in Uganda are married off by the age of 18 (with 10% by age 15). Women also have an average birth rate of 5.59 children, compared to a global figure of 2.5. Uneducated and overwhelmed with responsibilities, women are faced with an enormous strain caring for their children. Those without a financially supportive husband or relative, struggle to clothe and feed their children – let alone send them to school. The cycle of poverty continues…unless we act:

  1. Our work

Education- Child sponsorship

Ebenezer Welfare Foundation works in partnership with one school in Kumi district to educate, feed and care for students at the primary level. Moreover, the vision is to see these children through the generosity of their sponsors, go through vocational schools, teacher training colleges, universities and other tertiary institutions of learning as they keep growing and going to higher classes.

Sponsors provide school fees, tuition, uniforms, scholastic materials and more.


Become a sponsor




  1. Join the family


Become a sponsor

A child is waiting…for someone like you.

To receive a quality education is a life-changing gift, but for a child to know in their heart that they are valued and loved, their sponsored family is profoundly transformative.

When you choose to sponsor a child, you will help give them a quality education, food and a safe place to live. Your monthly or annual contributions will provide tuition and fees, uniforms, school meals and access to basic medical care at school.

We encourage sponsors to visit their sponsored child, the school they attend and their family in Uganda whenever possible. This is to build an even closer relationship between the sponsor, child and guardian. It is incredibly motivating for a child to meet their sponsor and often results in improved performance in academics, as well as a boost in confidence and self-esteem.

For those who are unable to travel to Uganda – worry not! The vast majority of our sponsors have never made the journey and yet are able to foster life-long and meaningful relationships with their sponsored child. Through letter correspondence, you’ll have the opportunity to share and learn about one another’s lives. Sponsored children write at least 3 letters to their sponsors each year, accompanied by ongoing school report cards and photos.