3.2 million Ugandan orphans and vulnerable children are living in abject poverty. These orphans and vulnerable children have no way of meeting their basic needs, no education and no hope for a future. Without intervention these children regularly go hungry, turn to lives of crime, succumb to preventable disease, or worse.

At Ebenezer Welfare Foundation, these children are given hope by their sponsors, nurtured and mentored by our staff, and educated through their sponsors. After sponsoring a child, our team will reach out to you on the details of the child sponsored.

By sponsoring a child, you are providing hope and a future.

For $20 per month, your child will receive:

Nutritious meals

 Primary school education

 Clothing, including a school uniform and one pair of shoes per year
 A bed, mattress, and mosquito net

Basic hygiene products, including soap and toothbrushes

Spiritual (Christ-centered) training

In return for your sponsorship, you will receive:

 Information about your child to include: date of birth, history, and health status

 An updated picture of your child once per year

Updates and/or letters from your child at least twice per year

 The opportunity to send your child letters and gifts

Periodic updates from Ebenezer Welfare Foundation