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by creating healthier communities through education, better agricultural practices, community development programs and skills support

Our Focus is on education



We help orphaned and vulnerable children from very impoverished families to sponsors who help them with education. Through our child sponsorship program, we meet basic needs, a target to educate through graduation, and share the love of God. Within our community, there are more than 100 families whose children have never attained university education because of too much poverty.

Ebenezer Welfare
Ebenezer Welfare Foundation



Children are being pushed in to early marriages as one way for them to self-sustain. These children are the hope of the future as they grow into the men and women God created them to be, with the potential to effect real change in their families, businesses, communities, and nation.

Our partners/ Sponsors help by extending their reach with shared visions of providing relief, hope, and a future for some of the most vulnerable children as well as educating and empowering Ugandans to cause transformation. They sponsor a child so they may have an education.

Break the cycle of hopelessness by helping a child realize his or her full potential. Child
sponsorship starts at 20$ per month

Want to transform a child’s life?

Ebenezer Welfare

Get involved where it matters

Join us in breaking the cycle of hopelessness in children of Uganda.


Bring smiles onto the faces of our younger generation. Together, we can help every child realize his or her full potential. You can help by sponsoring as low as $20 or more.


Be a part of this great change by joining our volunteering program

Case study


Sitted in the shade of their parents house in Omurang village, Kumi district, Uganda. Agwang path to an education has not been easy. 95% of parents in that village are typical peasants and children not being at school for them is not a big issue. A majority of these young girls get married as early as 13years old and parents are normal with it.

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